Format the concordance module of e-Sword


  1. 女儿 2, 子孙 2, ... no ( ) on the summary numbers.
  2. what about 18 lines like ------------------. this should line up with "CSB Translation:"
    3 the last line untranslated 2... doesn't need to be displayed on the very bottom, since there is no verse reference anyways, and we already displayed on the top once.
    I also have some feedback for display format.... for e.g. the pattern strong (1234+2345) perhaps
    Perhaps better to take off ( ) since it already has different color than previous string, and make the fonts a little smaller, and supper script just like the CSB+ text has it...?
    And what about the ( ) for the count,... should we take off like the following?
    CSB Translation: 父 246, 父亲 58, 祖先 43, 先祖 15, 父母G3962+G2532+G3384 14, 天父G3962+G3772 12, 做父亲的 3, 父老 2, 父神G3962+G2316, 圣父G3962+G40, Untranslated 19
    -------------------------- <--- make this shorter line?
    父 246